ZF Pilot Series IW3777 Series
The movement structure is synchronized to the original,
The tail of the hands is slightly curved,
Double-sided anti-stun blue coating.
Achieving this extraordinary flying watch.
The case is divided into two sets, and the ring and the middle case are integrated.
The most difficult part is the right-angle turning of the joint between the shell and the ring.
After the time of washing, the simulation is mature and the work is stable. The lines are clear and clear.
The three-dimensional sense is full, and 100% restores the tenacity of the watch.
It is the biggest selling point of the watch.
ZF adopts Shanghai 7750 movement, which not only has the structure synchronous original, the winding, the operation pointer and the timing function are all in perfect agreement with the original.
ZF follows the traditional skills of IWC and uses a double-layer light blue anti-stun coating.
The tail of the minute hand second hand is slightly curved, matching the original design layout.